Work with the Community

  • July 2017

    Recognizing the continued marginalization and violence that hurts and kills trans people - especially trans women and especially trans women of color - we began a campaign in July 2017 with a public statement on violence against trans women of color in DC, call-in day to the MPD, and rally and march to fight for against transmisogyny and help protect and support trans people in the District of Columbia - the city with the largest recorded per capita population of trans folks in the U.S. In 2017, a year with the highest identified number of trans folks killed, we wrote a petition that we’re still circulating that’s gained more than 1,000 local signatures.

  • July 2017

    Days After Pride Month, Attacks on Trans Women of Color in DC Continue

    WASHINGTON - On the night of July 4, Boo Boo Washington, a Black trans woman was brutally run down by a car near the intersection of 5th and K Street, NE. She was left stranded in the street until she was later rushed to the intensive care unit for treatment of her life-threatening injuries.

    Take Action

    Petition Launch - In 2017, a year with the highest identified number of trans folks killed, we wrote a petitionthat we’re still circulating that’s gained more than 1,000 local signatures. Local Community Leaders and No Justice No Pride (NJNP) are deeply concerned about the ongoing marginalization of transgender and Gender Non-Conforming individuals, particularly transgender women of color, in the District of Columbia. We need DC to take real, concrete steps to support and protect these communities, including from mistreatment by members of the Metropolitan Police Department, administrative and front line city staff, and the courts.

  • August 2017

    Trans Liberation, Not US Militarism: Selective Outrage Over Trans Military Ban Obscures Larger...

    We are frustrated but not surprised by Trump's ban on trans individuals' ability to serve in the U.S. military. This is a clear attempt to attack trans communities in order to drum up support among the administration's transphobic base as the it seeks to distract from its failures and embarrassments.

    -NJNP formally joins the Sex Worker Advocates Coalition (SWAC)

  • October 2018

    -Oct. 28: NJNP leads a Complicity is Horrifying Action with Aaryn Lang (former Organizing Director of GetEQUAL) and Trans Women of Color Collective (TWOCC) to protest the Human Rights Campaign’s (HRC) continued collusion with Wells Fargo and other corporate actors whose investments in the prison industrial complex, predatory lending, migrant deportation, and toxic mineral and natural resource extraction that disproportionately harms trans, gnc, and Two-Spirit individuals and communities of color

  • November 2017

    Nov. 7: NJNP Provides Signal Boosting for Black Queer Intersectional Columbus’ (BQIC) #FreeTheBlackPride4 March & Petition Drop for the Black Pride 4; trans and queer organizers and activists arrested for responding to Columbus, OH Pride’s continued neglect and marginalization of trans and queer people of color with a disruption of Stonewall Columbus’ 2017 Pride Parade

    -Nov. 11: NJNP Provides support to a workshop on Consent in the Movement led by Collective Action for Safe Spaces (CASS) and the DC IWW to help address issues around consent and sexual assault in DC organizing spaces that directly impact trans and gnc people of color  

    -Nov. 18: NJNP Co-Hosts a Trans Nights of Healing and Resistance with Trans Women of Color Collective (TWOCC) to provide a space for Transgender Day of Remembrance free of state forces that disproportionately harm trans and gnc folx of color   

    -Nov. 20: NJNP Provides Signal Boosting for BQIC’s work to Pack the Court and Drop the Charges faced by the Black Pride 4, including prominent trans organizer and activist Wriply Bennet  

  • January 2018

    -Jan. 8: NJNP Co-Hosts a Swipes on Us event with Black Lives Matter - DC (BLM-DC), Save Our System (SOS), and the Future is Feminist to provide community members in DC’s most neglected ward with Metro/Bus Cards and educate the public on DC Public Transport’s (WMATA) decisions to invest in increased policing of fare evasion that hurt those most in need of public transportation. As these violences  so disproportionately affect trans and gnc people of color, NJNP reserved 500 (?) fare cards  for these underserved communities.

    -Jan. 20: NJNP provides bail support to trans organizer and activist Emmelia Talarico, after arrested by for scaling the flag poles outside Union Station and performing a banner drop reading “Don’t Trump Our Communities” to mark one-year of resistance to 45’s regime  

    -Jan. 25: NJNP leads the charge in partnership with Stop Police Terror Project DC, Keep DC 4 Me, and HIPS to Pack The Hearing and defeat a so-called “nuisance” bill that would further criminalize trans survival in the District of Columbia  

    -Jan. 31: NJNP organizes community to turn out and testify to the Board of DC Public Transportation on the violences faced by trans and gnc communities of color on the Metro and Bus System, particularly by an increasing presence of Metro Police

  • March 2018

    -Mar. 12: NJNP hosts a DC Day of Action in solidarity with BQIC and Charlotte Uprising to rally for the Black Pride 4 and Glo Merriweather

    -Mar. 26: NJNP’s Trans Latina Leadership provide action support to Mijente’s Shackle Sessions Not the People and fight back against the Sessions’ push to reinstitute the practice of shackling of imprisoned peoples, furthering the disproportionate violences faced by trans, GNC, and Two-Spirit prisoners and detained migrants

  • April 2018

    -Apr. 8: NJNP leads a Canvass of Ward 6 to Bust Myths About Sex Work with CASS, BYP-100, HIPS, and Democratic Socialists of America - DC (DSA-DC)    

    -April 11: NJNP joins Stop Police Terror Project DC, BLM-DC, BYP-100, Showing Up for Racial Justice - DC (SURJ-DC) for a Stop The Cops Protest/Rally to demand justice for police brutality and extrajudicial murder of civilians like Terrence Sterling, doing its part to highlight police abuse of  trans and GNC people of color

    -April 24: Directly Impacted NJNP trans organizers help host and speak to the lived realities felt by housing- and income-unstable trans youth at the Trans United Fund’s 2018 campaign launch, alongside speakers from Casa Ruby LGBT Community Center  

  • May 2018

    -May 30: NJNP Co-Hosts a D.C. Council Candidate Forum on Criminal Justice to help ensure that issues facing trans and GNC people of color are brought before current and potential councilmembers  for public comment

  • June 2018

    -June 2: NJNP’s trans organizers & accomplices directly impacted by the passage of FOSTA and SESTA speak out on their experiences and what we can do to lessen violence faced by trans people of color at Sex Workers Rise Up for Safety, in partnership with CASS, BYP-100, DSA-DC, and Trans United Fund

    -June 9: NJNP leads Elements of Mistrust - NIGHT MARCH and Rally to advocate for the rights of trans and GNC survival sex workers and lead DC Metropolitan Police off of the District’s historically trans stroll on the busiest night of Capital Pride